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Senior Success 103

In this course students will explore their passions, values, personality, strengths, and skills. Students will research career pathways of interest to construct personalized and appropriate education plans. In addition, students will receive college and career planning information in order to prepare for and complete scholarships and applications. Students will learn how to make use of college and career resources and discover what it takes to be successful in their chosen educational path, whether that be trade school, community college, or a 4-year university. Further, students will engage in discussions of goal setting and informed decision making in order to serve as a guide for post high school endeavors.  Other useful topics include emotional intelligence, managing time, energy, and money. This course is intended to assist students in considering individual development with the goal of increasing knowledge of self and life skills.


Hot Dates

  • Oct. 29th - Cash for College Day (FAFSA in class) 
  • Nov. 30th - CSU / UC applications due 
    • Goal to finish Nov. 22 in class before Thanksgiving Break
  • Dec. 13th - Scholarship Foundation of Santa Barbara
  • December - last month to SAT & ACT