Concurrent Enrollment

 Concurrent Enrollment with Allan Hancock College 

Starting in 2016 we entered into a Concurrent Enrollment agreement with Allan Hancock College. What this means is that students get credit for taking college level classes on our campus. The faculty who teach these class work for OAHS and AHC. Credit will show up on our transcript and on your college transcript. 

Courses we offer:

History 101/History 102

History 107

History 108

Early Childhood Studies 100

Professional Development 301 – Get Focused Stay Focused 
*Click on the courses to see a class syllabus

Process for enrolling:

Students who are interested in taking a Concurrent Enrollment Course may sign up for a class when choosing their classes for that year.

Students will be selected for the History 101/102 courses based on grades and work habits in their English class that year. Students will be selected for the History 107/108 courses based on their grades and work habits from their history class in 10th grade.

ECS 100 is an elective and students may sign up for this class if they are interested. If there are more sign ups than room in the course 12th and 11th grade students will have priority and grades in other classes will determine placement.

Prod 301 is a mandatory course all 9th grade students must take. If a student wished to receive college credit for the course they will need to go through the process of enrolling in the class at Allan Hancock College. The counselors will discuss this process with all students at the beginning of the course. 

Grades and Credit

Students will receive an honors bump to their GPA for taking a Concurrent Enrollment Course. It will be the same bump that students receive for taking an honors or AP course at OAHS. Students will receive 5 credits per semester for each college level course they take on our campus.


There are no fees for taking a Concurrent Enrollment Course. Books will also be provided by the instructor at no charge. 

Add and Drop Dates

Students will be added to the course by registering in the class during the first few weeks of the course. The counselors will assist students in doing this. Students must pay close attention to their grades and the drop dates. For the Fall of 2016 students can drop without a W on their record up until September 14th. They may drop with a W until November 14th. After that date students will receive the grade they earn on their transcript.