Clubs & Organizations

Orcutt Academy Clubs 2016-2017





Meeting Times

Class of 2017

Representing the Senior Class, this club is focused on raising money and planning the best prom and grad night that this school has ever seen!

Derek Sportsman

Heidi Miller

Wednesdays at lunch Room 22

Class of 2018

A collaborative club where members actively work together, raising funds for class of 2018 activities. All students are welcome and encouraged to contribute ideas and support.

Mitchell Modlin

Deb Pirman

Mondays at Lunch

Class of 2019

The focus of the Class of 2019 is to promote class spirit and raise funds for senior activities.

Netzi Ramos

Dona Kintzi

1st Wednesday of the month  at lunch

Class of 2020

A collaborative club where members actively work together, raising funds for class of 2020 activities. All students are welcome and encouraged to contribute ideas and support.

Micah Georgeadis

Michael Shaw

Laurel Ciervo

Interact Club

Interact club is a self-governing and self-supporting club that is sponsored by the Rotary club of Santa Maria South. Interact carries out two service projects a year: one that helps their school or community and one that promotes international understanding.

Jerilyn Lindsay

Alyson Chavez

Every other Monday at Lunch


Sexuality and Gender Acceptance Club - We work to make the campus a safe space for students of a variety of sexual orientations, gender identities, and gender expressions.

Kelsey Namba

Graham Culbara

Fridays at Lunch

Science Club

A place to celebrate the wonder of Science, to learn to fly a drone, and maybe blow things up!

Aubrie Payne

Ty Fredriks

Every other Monday at lunch

CSF (California Scholarship Federation) (Technically not an ASB eligible club)

A statewide federation where students that excel in scholarship are brought together to perform community service.

Amanda Hsuing

Kristin Bornhoft (& Steve Blackie)

One - two times a month, usually Tuesdays

National Honor Society

The purpose of this organization is to create enthusiasm for scholarship and community service. Additionally we promote leadership and help develop good character.

(NHS Application is required)

NHS Board (4)

Andres Mendoza

Jessie JIn

Kelsey Namba

Sarah Santiago

Monica Cedillo

Every Other Tuesday  at lunch -Room 31  

Non-ASB/Informal Clubs





Meeting Times

Robotics Teams

(but we’re not a club, though)

A Varsity Team that builds a competition robot during the Winter Season and competes against other schools in out-of-town tournaments.

Justin Zepeda and Joshua Hughes

Ty Fredriks

Always (ask my wife!)

Christian Club

The Christian Club provides  opportunities for students to hear from local youth pastors, to connect with each other, and to serve the community together.

Jerilyn Lyndsay

Stephen Lees

Nick DeBruno

Joel Mason

Thursdays at lunch

Young Life

Young Life is a party with a purpose.  It can be controlled chaos at times, but you are guaranteed to have tons of fun and also hear a simple message about God’s love for everyone.  Students from all backgrounds are welcome at Young Life!

Grace Weaver

Skyler Funkhouser

Sarah Silva

Cloey Morehouse

Garrett Ederer

Miranda Herrera

Adri Trotter

Luke Perez

Josh Mason

Mondays at lunch

Dr. Who

Do you think bow ties are cool? Do you jump at the sound of the TARDIS, only to find it is, in fact, your own ringtone? Do you have an irrational fear of angel statues, shadows, mannequins, tally marks, and trumpet-playing Santas? Do you find yourself intrigued by SPOILERS? You might secretly be a Whovian! We meet in Eubanks' room at lunch on Wednesdays to watch this FANTASTIC show full of adventure, thrills, comedy, ships for days, friendship, acceptance, weirdness, and never giving up on what's right. Join us! Allons-y!

Natalie Sheley

Thomas Stanton

Allie Miller

Diane Lewis

Lauren Eubanks

Wednesdays at lunch

Garden Club

Scott Gelotti

Lacrosse Club

A club for students who are interested in learning about and playing Lacrosse both recreationally and competitively.

Caden McCune/Kobe Mohler

Ben Alberry

Mondays @ lunch in rm. 28

Pinterest Club

A club for students who pin a lot of amazing ideas on Pinterest but never get around to actually trying them out…

Kyla Hinkle

Jenna Pacheco

Thursdays, lunch rm 23

Locksmith Club

Scott Gelotti

MakerSpace Club

A bunch of kids tinkering with cool stuff to make more cool stuff.

Bennett Patterson

Brenda Williams

Thursdays at lunch in the library

Plant Based Students Club

Students who are interested in a vegan or vegetarian diet. Students will share food, recipes, and discuss animal rights issues.

Ariana Cross and Olivia Bailey

Andrew Ciervo

Laurel Ciervo

Tuesdays at lunch first and 3rd of the month

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